On a true rescue mission today. This rescue is the true definition of "Good Karma". No one will ever hurt you again little girl. You are safe with us forever now.
Hope (approx 7 mos old) was used as a bait dog, hung upside down and attacked repeatedly (we were told & as suspected by ACO). She will never know that kind of pain again. EVER. There is an open investigation, but she is safe now. We will need to raise funds for her hospital stay!!

Donations can be made directly to us using PayPal and our email address "GoodKarmaDogRescue@gmail.com" thank you!!!

Her estimate for 2 days in the ER on IV meds is $1,500 - $2,000, and we are unsure yet if she can come home in 2 days, so any extra funds will go to continuing Hope's care either in the hospital or in her foster home.



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